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Fernando Mendes crushes Cristina Ferreira: Followers' bullshit - Paulo Abreu

Fernando Mendes crushes Cristina Ferreira: Followers’ bullshit – Paulo Abreu

1. “Today they are [diretores das televisões] What they want is people in soap operas and entertainment programs with thousands of followers on social networks. The more they have, the better. Talent is really important for a few ”, regrets a source from TVI, who does not believe that this fact, in 2022, will be a likely factor for the success of something.

The most striking example is the name Fernando Mendes. The star of The Right Price has 100,000 fans “only” on her Instagram account and is the audience leader, killing every day in her schedule (19:00 / 20:00), the most direct opponent, namely “Rua das” Flores, bet Big from Cristina Ferreira, the heroine of this social network, with 1.5 million followers. It is true that there is no turning back. Today, Instagram is a powerful weapon in promoting actors and presenters and their work and projects on television – imagine Daniel Oliveira, that he chose Carolina Loreiro as the protagonist of ‘Nazaré’ because of his thousands of followers – to make money, but this phenomenon is a far cry from what many filmmakers think it is. It should win by itself.

Take a look at the latest numbers from “O Preço Certo”, a simple contest that’s been on the air for two decades at the public station, and “Rua das Flores”, which TVI director sold as a great TV series, and it’s overwhelming even as summer comes: More Of the 300,000 spectators, the difference between the two. I ask: What is the point of being the “influencer” in Portugal, with a unique dedication to social networking, if you later lose out at Queluz de Baixo? A “party is a party” a little for the sake of governance.

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Fernando Mendes, an ordinary man of this modernity, goes his way – and what a way! – on TV. Interestingly, in the past two years, “O Gordo” has always cleaned “A Saloia da Malveira”, whether in “Dia de Cristina”, “Cristina ComVida” or “Rua das Flores”. TVI defends this aspect: “The issue of the followers is nonsense … most of them do not watch TV.”

2. A tragedy in Melilla, in which more than 40 people were killed and hundreds injured of migrants who were trying to reach Spain, passed through our televisions. “It’s not Ukraine,” they explained to me…sarcastically.