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Fernando Mendes says goodbye to Sandra Felgueiras.  The journalist reacts

Fernando Mendes says goodbye to Sandra Felgueiras. The journalist reacts

FHernando Mendes took the opportunity to bid farewell to Sandra Villegeras, who had left RTP1. The presenter left a message for the journalist on the Preço Certo programme. “I went on other paths. Sandrineha, just to say I like you very much, thank you for all you have given me with your work and talent. Kiss me, and may you be happy wherever you go. You are always in my heart, great journalist.”

A moment that Sandra Villeras did not leave, having turned to Facebook to highlight the presenter’s gesture, and thus responded to his message.

“On the first Friday in the last 10 years without ‘Friday at 9’ I received this video from my great friend Fernando Mendes, who said goodbye to me this Monday on air. Disclaimer: Me and Fernando Mendes are friends. Best people at RTP,” the journalist began writing.

Fernando Mendes has a unique talent and a humanity that is hard to find. We spoke every Friday. In the midst of my daily hustle and bustle, he would always send me a message wishing me a ‘good programme’ before 9pm and another shortly after he continued: ‘Did everything go well? “I had several directors who didn’t send me a single message on the day of the show. But Fernando Mendes didn’t stop doing it. There was no compelling him to do it,” he said.

“I will miss you very much, but I will continue, very close to you and everyone, my dear friend! I promise. This is my general thanks for this gesture of yours, which could only have come from you because you are such a huge soul and so rare to find these days.”

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