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Fernando Rocha celebrates his 25th wedding anniversary with a unique ceremony: see the photos

Fernando Rocha celebrates his 25th wedding anniversary with a unique ceremony: see the photos

Thursday April 4th was a special day for us Fernando Rocha And comrade, Sonia. The couple celebrated 25 years of marriage. The date on which they decide to return to the altar to renew their wedding vows.

On social media, Fernando Rocha showed several photos of the party and announced himself to the woman with whom he has shared his life for more than two decades.

It was April 4, 1999, in the church of São Pedro da Cova, in the middle of our wedding and while the priest was celebrating, suddenly I couldn't hear anything, for me the world fell silent, and I stood there, looking at her and looking at her, she was beautiful, and her aura shone so much. So much so that she looked like a goddess. At that moment I made two promises. I swore to God and deep within myself that my life's mission from that moment on was to build a family with her and make her a happy goddess. (The name I still affectionately call him today)”He started to refuse it.

The comedian then highlighted the five pillars on which his marriage is based: “Love, respect, trust, admiration and tolerance.” “They've kept our marriage going all this time. We've built a family, and our kids are proof of that, so I'm keeping the promise.”

“Twenty-five years later, I look at you and see the same aura you had that day. You shine, you are the light that illuminates our path and for me, let us walk together on this path for another 25 years or however long it takes, because for me, it is still… There is a long way to go to fulfill the second promise. I still have to give you many happy moments, until the last day of my life. So that I can say with my last breath: Mission accomplished.“, He said.

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Finally, Fernando Rocha thanked his partner: “Thank you for loving me this way, thank you for caring for me. “I love you, 'til everything breaks.”.

It is also worth noting that the couple has two joint children: Diogo, 24, and Catarina, 19.