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Fernando Rocha gives an "answer" to TVI after a statement denying the €1 million offer

Fernando Rocha gives an “answer” to TVI after a statement denying the €1 million offer

The possibility of Fernando Rocha moving from SIC to TVI has been in the news in recent months, and has recently seen significant developments.

The actor was a guest of Daniel Oliveira on “High Definition” last Saturday, September 10, and during the revealing conversation, the topic of turning “Million Dollars” into TVI was another topic, after the presenter.

“He was saying no to a million euros…You don’t know, but I haven’t slept for three days, my friend…I have the idea that if I accepted this money it would have made all the difference in my life… I’d buy four or five houses in Rio Tinto, I put it on rent and that’s it, my life is over, my hands are behind my head and I’m going to the beach”I started with an explanation.

“That’s what I would do, but I wouldn’t be happy… So at the age of forty-five, I thought I still had a lot to do… If I did, I wouldn’t do it for career strategy, but for money… and once again.” Other, look at the weight of the woman… My wife turned to me and said, ‘Stay with your SIC, because even if it goes wrong, if you look to the side, I’m by your side’. The actor also admitted.

TVI released a statement on Tuesday afternoon, September 13, refuting Fernando Rocha’s statements: “TVI denies that it offered Fernando Rocha one million euros so that he could join the cast of the TV series Festa é Festa”, He starts writing.

The salary wasn’t even discussed, given the comedian’s quick turn down. Therefore, Fernando Rocha’s reference to €1 million can only be understood as his own assessment of the impact that participation in a winning project can have on his career.”it can still be read.

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Fernando Rocha shared the reaction through social networks: “I keep my place and always thank those who appreciate the quality of my work. I have a clear conscience, because the leak of information (it was there), it did not even come from me. This matter is closed to me. “can be read.

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