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Fernando Semedo is at war with his ex-lover: he does everything to destroy my life – Vervier

Fernando Semedo is at war with his ex-lover: he does everything to destroy my life – Vervier

As the restaurant approached bankruptcy, the chef admitted that it was his mother who helped him pay off his debts.

06/06/2024 • 15 h 43
Carolina Cunha

Fernando Semedo is going through difficult times both personally and professionally. After breaking up the relationship with Ana Amado Pinto, the chef is in a “complicated financial situation” and has spared no criticism for his ex-girlfriend.

Anna is doing everything she can to ruin my life. He reported me to ACT, called the police on my restaurant, made up that I had a price on my head and told all my employees that I was a liar and that I would not pay them their wages. But I'm doing everything I can to change this. Even my mother helps me and has already paid my bills.”The cook told TV Guia.

This situation of financial difficulties has been going on for several months.

Due to the drama he is experiencing, Fernando Semedo was also forced to issue a statement in which he apologized for his controversial statements. Ensures that it lasts a long time “troubled”.

“After much consideration and conscientious advice from my legal team, I would like to express my sincerest apologies to all those who may have felt offended or insulted by my recent statements. I am deeply sorry for my words and the impact they may have had.” He started writing Chef.

“As someone who always tries to direct his life, both personal and professional, with respect and precision, fulfilling his obligations and not defrauding others, I allow myself, in this most turbulent moment of enormous fragility that I am experiencing, to carry myself away from emotions.”justified Fernando Semedo, who said “Committed to the growth and learning provided by recent events” In itself, “In order to ensure that the same situations will not be repeated.”.

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