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Fernando Semedo lived in misery.  “There were many days and nights when we starved.” - Big Brother

Fernando Semedo lived in misery. “There were many days and nights when we starved.” – Big Brother

The Curve of Life on Sunday (10) of “Big Brother Famosos” was the protagonist Fernando Semedo. The 31-year-old chef was “extremely nervous” to introduce viewers to what his life’s journey has been like so far. “I did not disclose my personal life in public,” he said.

Fernando began by remembering the first house he lived in, at Prior Velho in Lisbon. “It was a slum,” he explained, adding, “Our floor was cement.” At this point, the chef and the four brothers wore “very worn and dirty clothes”.

When he was 11 years old, his parents divorced. The Lisbon native addressed the domestic violence his mother experienced and explained that she left the house soon after. Fernando and his brothers lived with their father until he decided to emigrate. The mother returned, but the “rent was not paid” and the “eviction letter” arrived.

“There were many days and nights when we were hungry,” he revealed, continuing to recall the misery they lived in. “At four years old I was frying potatoes, I prayed sizzling an egg. Cooking was not for taste, but for necessity”, protected. My culinary skills ended up in second place.

This is because, in 2007, he devoted himself to athletics, reaching high competition. Due to injury, he gave up the sport and returned to the kitchen where he trained. While studying, the mother’s friend was arrested for drug trafficking, after which the mother also went to prison for five years.

At this point, Fernando and the brothers were “only”. To this day, the chef states that he is unsure whether the mother was involved in her boyfriend’s “drug scheme”, something he would also prefer not to know. When he finished his culinary course, he did internships at various hotels and catering companies.

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In 2016, created Cake cookies, which he calls “the best cookie in the world.” Why did you decide to have this project of your own? He justified this by saying, “Because I am tired of working for others.” As for the future, he does not hide what his “biggest dream” is: to be a father.