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HomesportFernando Serra confirms: “The market closure and Enzo’s order prompted the absence...

Fernando Serra confirms: “The market closure and Enzo’s order prompted the absence of Rui Costa.” – Benfica

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The president intended to be present at the Sport Tortosendo e Benfica centenary gala

Benfica’s general assembly president, Fernando Ceara, confirmed that Rui Costa’s absence from Tortocindo was one of the reasons for Enzo Fernandez’s move to Chelsea. The Eagles president had planned to be present at the closing dinner for Tortocindo and Benfica’s centenary celebrations. “Impossible things happen, and these last few hours of market closure and Enzo’s theme has been the reason for his absence,” he began by telling the manager, before leaving a guarantee to those present. “Rui will come here with me and Domingos soon, because 100 years of Tortocindo, the city of Covilha and the Beira Baixa region deserve Rui Costa to come here. I guarantee it will really happen,” he said. The dinner was attended by about 200 Benfica supporters – and even some sports supporters such as the president of the Parish Council of Tortocindo David Silva – and in addition to Fernando Serra, the Reds delegation included Domingos Lima, vice president of the Eagles. , and Jorge Jacinto, in charge of Benfica branches and homes.

Written by Miguel Malaga


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