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Ferrari 296 GTB arrives in Fortnite

Ferrari 296 GTB arrives in Fortnite

Fortnite always brings news to players, the latest one, for example, was the inclusion of a basketball star LeBron James. Now the developer Epic Games Announced the partnership with Ferrari. Within the game, players will be able to fulfill their dream of driving a model of the Italian sports car.

The supercar added to Fortnite is the Ferrari 296 GTB, a car that exists in the real world in a plug-in hybrid version. The vehicle is available from Thursday (22) and can be fully crewed in-game.

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But, Ferrari will not be in the game just for a ride (Sorry). This week’s epic quests will test players at the wheel 296 GTB. According to Epic Games, you must complete Ferrari’s weather tests, reach top speed in a car from the Italian luxury automaker, and ride the supercar through a storm.

In addition to the car, a Ferrari package arrives in the game. Car fans will have new additions available in the Item Shop. “The Ferrari package includes Icon Modena and Piloto Maranello outfits, as well as Ferrari Turbo Back accessories,” the Fortnite statement read.

In addition to the car, there is a Ferrari package in the game. Photo: Epic Games / Disclosure

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The Epic Games title isn’t the first to add a real car to the virtual world. Last Thursday (15), the match’PUBG Mobile received an update 1.5 تحديث, which has a partnership with Tesla.

The electric vehicle manufacturer has installed Gigafactories in four locations across the game’s map, which players can access. They can still watch the Tesla Model Y being produced from start to finish.

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Within the game, it is possible to test the autopilot feature that is available on all cars of the brand. On rural roads, a Tesla Semi Stand alone appears randomly and cuts through selected paths automatically. By attacking it, it is possible to obtain combat supplies.

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