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Ferrari's latest supercar online configurator makes you dream – Executive Summary

Ferrari's latest supercar online configurator makes you dream – Executive Summary

The new Ferrari 12 Cellini is the latest front-engined V-12 supercar from Maranello. This 6.5 liter engine is naturally aspirated. However, the design has raised some “doubts”: the exterior, inspired by the old Daytona, is not to everyone's taste – deep down, perhaps it just needs a paint job and new wheels.

So, let your imagination run wild Online component From the Italian brand, which gives you the freedom to choose from more than 25 exterior colors for the 12-cylinder Cylinder of your dreams, divided into four different categories: Classic, Historic, Standard and Extra.

The Classic category is the most 'powerful', with options such as Blue Corsa and of course Rosso Imola – while in the Historic offerings there are deeper, richer tones such as Green British Racing and Rosso Dino.

You can combine any of the exterior colors with five wheel options: there are two black options, two silver and black options and a pair in solid silver. There are other options available: Ferrari offers nine additional color options for the brake calipers, ranging from simple colors like black and blue to stronger reds, yellows, and even a gold option. Titanium and black ceramic are two color options for the exhaust tips – you can also choose between a carbon fiber roof or panoramic glass.

There are hundreds of ways to customize the 12 Cylinder of your dreams… and it doesn't matter. Ferrari's new V-12 supercar will likely be sold out in the near future. If not, an asking price of over $400,000 is out of most people's budget. But the dream costs nothing.

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