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Festival in the desert turned into a mud bath – NRK Norway – News overview from across the country

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Satellite images taken a few days ago show the festival area in the desert as an organized area built around a circle. But after heavy rains, the desert festival became muddy. So muddy that only emergency vehicles are allowed to drive there.

Sunday morning writes the TV channel NBC San Diego It was also reported that one person died as a result of the heavy rains.

Dry: the festival area before it rains

Photo: AFP

It had let in 70,000 participants before it rained. Now many of them are stranded there and are being asked to seek shelter. They are also required to keep food and water.

Desert festival in Nevada is exposed to heavy rain

The area is closed until Monday, when the festival ends NBC News.

Many celebrities are affected

One of those who attended the festival was comedian Chris Rock, VG wrote.

Chris Rock

Mud Stick: Chris Rock was in the mud.

photo: ap

He posted a video clip on his Instagram account showing deep traces in the light beige mud.

He was stuck in the mud, but must have walked eight kilometers before some fans helped him and DJ Diplo out of the car, Entertainment Tonight writes. The gate and airport on site are also closed.

Black Rock City in northwest Nevada, is where the Burning Man Festival takes place.

I didn’t expect better weather

Heavy rains hit Nevada on Friday, and there is a risk of flooding in the eastern and central parts of the state, according to the National Weather Service.

Nevada usually is the driest state Across the United States, and in northwestern Nevada, August and September are among the least rainy months.

But more rain is now expected in the next few days, and conditions are not expected to improve enough for vehicles to enter the desert basin, according to the authorities.

The festival has been taking place since the 1980s, and the highlight is usually the burning of a 12-meter-high effigy.

Burning Man from 2002

Burn: Burning Man from 2002

photo: ap

It is a festival that contains a wide range of cultural expressions. One of them can be seen in Oslo, the illuminated tree in Tjovholmen that Stein-Eric Hagen bought after attending the festival in 2017.

Oslo tree

Oslo Tree: An illuminated tree from the 2017 Burning Man Festival.

Photo: Liz Aceraud/NTB scanpix

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