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FIFA 2022 Tomas Smokovsky Why Darius Szpakovsky Leaving, Why Couple Jasek Laskovsky

It has been speculated for months that the next installment of the famous game could be released without Darius Spakovsky’s voice. However, at the time of releasing the thank you message at the address, it has been officially confirmed by the game developer Darius Spakovsky: “With the announcement of the new commentator, EA Sports would like to thank Darius Spakovsky after more than 15 years of collaboration. FIFA’s new commentator on the Polish edition Tomas Smokovsky, Creates a pair with Jacek Laskovsky.

Tomas Smokovsky said goodbye to Televizza Bolsat in support of his work last January. Game ChannelHe is a co-creator. A journalist and sports commentator, he joined Bolsat’s sports teacher’s office in September 2018, a year after leaving Calcel +.

He handled football at Bolsat: he co-hosted the studio broadcasts and commented on tournaments (mainly the Champions League and Europa League), as well as some matches. Polish national team, he is a reporter. In Canal + he commented on football matches (including the Polish and French leagues) and co-hosted some shows (including “League + Extra”) with Andrzej Dwarovsky. He has been in contact with the broadcaster for more than 20 years, and for many years he was head of the sports teacher’s office. Smokowski is also the marketing ambassador for eToto Bookmaker. In early September this year. He was removed as head of the sports channel and replaced by Messi Saviki. However, the former president was a co-owner of the channel and one of the main content creators.

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In turn, Dariusz Szpakowski has been the most experienced commentator working in this role for Telewizja Polska since 1976. During this year’s Euro 2020 Championship, he commented on matches with former footballer Andrzej Jaskovic (including Poland and Sweden and some matches). Match matches with the Belgian national team, and 1/8 Belgium – Portugal and quarter finals Czech Republic – Denmark). However, it was criticized by many Internet users, including Szpakowski. For mistakes (in pronouncing the names of some players) and to discriminate very quickly in the results of matches. In the end, DVB decided not to comment on the Euro final (as planned). Instead, the most important match of this championship was announced by Mattus Borek.

Premiere in October

FIFA 22 is available worldwide From October 1st PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, Appearance and Steam, on desktops on Stadia and the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A Frenchman appears on the cover for the second time – Kylian Mbappé, Paris Saint-Germain forward.