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FIFA 22 releases a new trailer for the game.  Fans are disappointed

FIFA 22 releases a new trailer for the game. Fans are disappointed

From October 1, FIFA 22 will be available on various platforms. This will be the first version of the game with exclusive news for the next generation consoles PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and Google Stadia.

In the latest official trailer for the game, Electronic Arts focuses on the gameplay. Once again, this highlights HyperMotion technology that promises to “elevate every game in every way”

As you can see in the video below, this technology combines 11 advanced games against 11 games machine learning. He promised that this would be the biggest revolution in the history of animation. But it seems fans are not convinced.

Negative comments are the focus of the FIFA 22 promotion

The top-rated comment on the video states that “AI locks will be fake again” but she hopes it’s playable. Another fan talks about a specific moment in the video.

In the 1:34 minute, defender Marquinhos could not score. As noted by the user who commented, this is a flaw that has already occurred in FIFA 21, and it seems to remain with HyperMotion.

Another user mentions that these “changes” can come with an update. Even because as he says this, there are no big noticeable differences from the previous generation. Another fan says, “You know it’s bad even when the trailer disappoints.”

For those who have played previous FIFA matches, this trailer does not seem surprising. We hope the FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition will surprise you more than this initial preview.

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