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FIFA says Portugal benefited most from international transfers

FIFA says Portugal benefited most from international transfers

Portugal has been the country that has benefited the most from international transfers in the footballers’ market. This was stated by FIFA, based on a report marking the 10th anniversary of the Transfer Matching System, which records and facilitates international transfers of athletes.

In the same study, Portugal’s net positive balance is over €2.5 billion, ensuring first place in the ranking that includes all associations associated with FIFA.

The gains of Sporting, Benfica and Porto contributed to this classification, as they ranked first, second and third, respectively, in the list of the most profitable clubs in the same period. In the same list occupied Sp. Braga fourteenth place.

And «Essours» recorded 311 sale or loan transactions, of which 48.2% of these transactions involve a financial return, as did Sporting, but with 226 exits. “Dragons” has a higher conversion rate, 53.1%, achieved in 224 transactions. at Braga Sp. 154 departures, 32.2% of which are budget related.

As for expenses, Benfica and Porto are the Portuguese at the top of the table. Benfica has hired 167 players, 55.7% includes fees, while FC Porto has 166 players, 51.8% associated funds, 173 entries, 35.8% of them include down payment.

The Portuguese nationality came in the twelfth most traded place, with 2,598 deals recorded, in a list headed by Brazilians, with 15,128 deals. In addition, the Portuguese were the fifth to move the most money, at 2.45 billion euros in the past 10 years.

The same study reveals that England incurred a net loss of close to six billion euros, for being also the most spender country in the world, with nearly 10.5 billion euros.

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The report addresses the dramatic increase since 2011 in the number of transactions as well as the value of the most important transactions. Among the most expensive deals are the transfer of Joao Felix to Atletico Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus, although he is far from the 222 million that Neymar cost to Paris Saint-Germain.