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Fighters react to being expelled from WWE

Fighters react to being expelled from WWE

During Thursday noon, via its official website, it was announced that WWE announced the expulsion of a group of fightersThis is exactly a year after dozens of them were expelled. As expected, some of these divorced fighters have already started responding through their social networks.

Starting with one of the most surprising excursions, Samoa Joe I interacted with a simple bow gif, and also wrote to make us feel good.

Previously Tucker He interacts in a very simple way, after he just wrote “Freedom, baby!”And show your happiness at leaving you WWE.

On the other hand, Chelsea Green put a picture of the character she used in Independent Corporations, before signing to WWE, to show that she should return to that character in the future.

Mickie James She was the fighter who expanded her reaction the most, after showing her gratitude for the memories, for the fans, for the moments spent in the dressing room and that we should never expect other people’s vision to be as big as our dreams. Mickie James finished this tweet agradecendo Vince McMahon.

Were you expecting these fighters to be fired by WWE? Where do you think the future of each of these fighters will go?

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