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Filipa Areosa remembers the end of her relationship with Tiago Teotónio Pereira: "It was a very complicated time for me"

Filipa Areosa remembers the end of her relationship with Tiago Teotónio Pereira: “It was a very complicated time for me”

after five years, Philippa Areosa He was interviewed again before Daniel Oliveira for the program SICAnd the very accurate. In the program, which was broadcast on Saturday, March 5, the actress addressed several topics about her professional and personal life, including the end of her relationship with the actor. Thiago Teutonico Pereira.

When did life teach you a lesson?asked the presenter.

When I broke up with Thiago, it was a very difficult time for me, because… I’ve been in a relationship for five years and you think he was a failure”in reply to Filipa Areosa.

The actress said that after the relationship ended, she received great support. “I think that was one of the most important lessons I learned, especially from the people closest to me: they are more valuable than I thought. My friends, my sisters, my brothers, my parents, and my entire family have been so much more supportive than I give them credit for.”I acknowledge.

“All pain is necessarily raw material for growth. If there are no disappointments, we cannot enjoy the good things that come from disappointments and give value to what we did not expect from the beginning. Sometimes problems can be doors that open”is done.

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Despite it all, Felipa Arreosa ended up learning from the breakup. “What I’ve learned is that, a lot of the time, we think the responsibility for things that don’t go well lies with the other and not. Sometimes it’s our problems and the things we can’t handle and that we mirror each other and that’s not fair. I’ve learned this , that sometimes we make a mirror and think the responsibility rests with the other person and it’s not, it’s only ours. The way I feel about anything, the responsibility is only and exclusively mine. Then it’s more liberating than we think. That person wasn’t right for me And that’s okay. Let’s move on to the next stage… or not! Or are we just alone, and that’s fine”He said.

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Filipa Areosa and Tiago Teotónio Pereira met behind the scenes of the soap operas, fell in love and their relationship became media coverage. “What I felt was I don’t know how to tell people that. From the moment you publicly announce an affair, you also have that responsibility, but no. You don’t have to explain anything to anyone. If you ask me I won’t lie (…) I think that Both Thiago and I managed to handle the matter well, because we were never people of so many parties and I think we were also more respectful of that.”Been completed.

Note that Filipa Areosa is the hero at is yoursthe new SIC TV that will premiere next Monday, March 7.