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Filipa Torrinha Nunes: 'We were getting to know the flow of our relationship when this bombshell arrived'

Filipa Torrinha Nunes: ‘We were getting to know the flow of our relationship when this bombshell arrived’

Earlier this week, SIC’s Alô Portugal program commentator said, Filipa Torrinha NunesShe realized that her ex-actor boyfriend joao lamosaAnd the He was accepted into the public offering after being diagnosed with testicular cancer.

After the psychiatrist’s partner also announced, through social networks, a comment on the situation, it was the turn of Filipa Torrinha Nunes. Update your boyfriend’s health statusdescribing João Lamoza’s goal with a post about his oncology problem.

“TMany people have contacted us with many questions. It’s testicular cancer, recently diagnosed, and we’re now in the treatment process. He was taken to the hospital but is now back home“, with reference to the commentator on”morning gathering“.

Filipa Torrinha Nunes assumes an affair with a former youth soap opera actor

Now it takes some time to heal, then we will see what is needed for treatment. And Joao is not networking, but he thought it was a good idea to talk about the situation for two reasons: one to thank the medical team, which is key, and another to bring some awareness to the men so they could do themselves. Control and not ignore. It is a disease of young people.‘, he confirmed.

He has searched a lot for the testimony of other men who have gone through the same thing, so what he has already said, and what I have now come to say will also be important to someone in the house“.

Assuming it’s a recent relationship, Filipa Torrinha Nunes points to a certain “weirdness” in the way the couple approached the issue.: “We are at a stage where we are still getting to know each other. It’s a complex juggling process of getting to know another person, getting to know you and experiencing things with this new person, as well as understanding the flow of the relationship, and how it evolves, but we’re still in the process of understanding how it is. We live together, meanwhile this bomb arrives‘ the commentator admitted.

Managing the situation and managing it ourselves is a lot. We know that it does not affect fertility, and after the healing process, the whole sexual issue remains the same.. Now, there may be points here that affect more on a psychological level, but it’s still too early to realize that. until now no“, he added.

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