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Film Actor Photographer Photography - Court Document Explaining Why -

Film Actor Photographer Photography – Court Document Explaining Why –

642 new cases of corona were recorded in Norway in the past 24 hours

The number of new coronary heart disease cases continues to increase. During the past 24 hours, 642 new cases were registered in Norway. That is 231 more than the same day last week.

On Friday, 121 patients with corona were admitted to hospitals in Norway. The number of patients is greater than the day before. 13 of the patients are receiving respiratory therapy, and 31 are in the intensive care unit. There are two more on a ventilator and one less in the intensive care unit, compared to the day before, according to the Norwegian Health Directorate’s overview.

Only one Minister of State has a minority background in the Labor Party

Aftenposten writes that of the Labor Party and 44 new Ministers of State for the Socialist Socialist government, only one has a minority background.

Nancy Hirs, Minister of State for Labor and Social Integration Hadia Tajik (Labor Party), will work on integration.

Of the 19 ministers and 44 ministers, only two are of immigrant origin, namely Herz and Tajik. Herz himself has a background from Lebanon, while the Tajiks have a background from Pakistan.

Baldwin got the gun from the assistant director

Actor and producer Alec Baldwin was given the prop weapon he was shot, by an assistant director who thought it was safe to use, according to court documents that became known last night in Norwegian time. According to the papers, the aide was unaware that the weapon was highly charged.

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Director Helena Hutchins was shot in the chest by Baldwin while filming the Western film “Rust” in the desert in suburban Santa Fe on Thursday. she died. Director Joel Sousa, who was behind her, was injured and released from the hospital. No one has been arrested or charged, and the investigation is ongoing.

200,000 koronadødsfall in Peru

Peru recorded 25 deaths in the past 24 hours, and deaths related to Corona, bringing the country to 200,000 deaths since the epidemic began in March last year. This was announced by the Ministry of Health in Lima last night in Norwegian time.

With 6,065 deaths per million inhabitants, the country has the highest coronavirus death rate in the world. The number of new infections and deaths in Peru is now declining, but the authorities remain concerned about the possibility of a new wave of infections.

A motorcyclist died in a traffic accident in Sundance

A motorcyclist lost his life after colliding with a car on County Route 516 in Ostrot, Sandnes late Friday night. The accident occurred south of the Austraat Tunnel in Sundance, which was closed after the accident.

The motorcyclist, a man in his 30s, died as a result of the accident, says Operations Director Erin Ragnhildstevet in the NTB Southwest Police District.

The man’s relatives have been notified

Al-Qaeda leader killed

The US Department of Defense (Pentagon) said last night that a senior al-Qaeda leader was killed in a US drone strike in Syria. With this, al-Qaeda’s ability to plan and carry out new attacks is eroding, the United States believes.

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The attack took place yesterday in northwest Syria, the second of its kind in a short time. In late September, another prominent leader of al-Qaeda in Syria was killed in a US airstrike near Idlib in northwest Syria.