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Film Award: Best Evening for NDR Co-Production "Dear Thomas" | - Culture

Film Award: Best Evening for NDR Co-Production “Dear Thomas” | – Culture

As of: 06/24/2022 11:23 pm

“Dear Thomas” won nine Lolas at the German Film Awards in Berlin. It was an evening of blazing speeches, sentiments and glow of winners from the North.

By Anna Wolner

With twelve nominations, Andreas Kleinert’s NDR co-production “Liber Thomas” clearly won the German Film Prize competition, which was presented in Berlin on Friday evening – for the first time under the guidance of the New Film Academy. With Presidents Alexandra Maria Laura and Florian Galenberger and the new Minister of State for Culture Claudia Roth. In Norddeutscher Rundfunk’s view, there was reason to be happy: two cinematic co-productions were a success.

Albrecht Schuch and Jella Haas get Lolas in Berlin

Albrecht Shoach took his Lola as the best actor.

Andreas Kleinert’s NDR co-production “Liber Thomas” won nine Lola Awards for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor in a Leading Role for Albrecht Shoach, and Jella Haas for Best Supporting Actress.

“My nerves are gone. It was so tired. You have such an attitude. Now you can not feel anything. Everything is gone.” Jella Haas summarizes the march with a black-and-white film about GDR poet Thomas Brush.

Albrecht Shoes and Jella Haas in the first scene of the movie "Dear Thomas" © Image Alliance / Geisler-Fotopress |  Christoph Hart / Keisler-Photopress

Audio: Jella Haas and Albrecht Shoach play opposite (53 min)

A great Albrecht shoe plays the main role. “I’m fine, I’m so high, I can not put it any other way,” the actor said. “I wanted to hug Thomas Brach. I do it locally. I’m totally happy.”

Three Lolas for Dreson’s “Rabbi Kurnas vs. George W. Bush”

She has three gifts NDR Cinema co-production “Rabbi Kurnas vs George W. Bush”: Lola in silver on one hand, on the other Meltem Captain won the Best Actress award and Alexander Scheer won the Best Supporting Actor award. As Bremen’s lawyer Tok, he plays with sobriety and wonderful resemblance to the original.

To director Dreson, the silver lining for “Rabbi Kurnas Versus. George W. Bush” was, above all, a sign: “I’m glad that such a political film won the award here. Took place, in which I am very pleased.

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Rabiye Kurnas (Moldem Captain) and Ihrman Mehmet (Nazmi Creek) "George W. vs. Rabbi Kurnas.  Bush" - Andreas Dressen's NDR co-production at the competition in Berlin © Pandora Film Photo: Luna Scharant

Andreas Dressen’s political film is one thing above all else: deep human. The NTR co-production received three lolas. Further

With Greifswald director Tobias Wyman’s “The Path” about the boy who escaped World War II, a political children’s film was honored, despite its true history, as producer Daniel Ehrenberg noted, “Unfortunately, during the 2015 refugee crisis, there was more. Writer Rudiger Bertram came up with the idea – as I read during this week’s Refugee Day, there has never been so much. Current refugees. “

It is a political award ceremony under the spirit of the war in Corona and Ukraine. Lots of passion and glowing winners from the North, with burning speeches.

Meltem Captain © imago images / APress

Video: Celebrated All-Rounder: Actress Melthem Captain (4 min)

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Black and white photo of a man and woman walking down the street with suitcases and a baby in their arms.  © Zeitsprung Images / Wild Bunch Germany Photo: Peter Hardwick

“Dear Thomas” is one of Germany’s greatest literary talents reunited with GDR. Gallery

Actress Melthem Captain and director Andreas Dreson raise their thumbs on the red carpet at the Berlin Awards ceremony on the red carpet at the Berlinale Ballast.  © Jens Kalaene / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa +++ dpa Image Radio +++ Photo: Jens Kalaene

In Berlin Laila Steeler was honored for Best Screenplay and Best Actress in a Mildem Captain Andreas Dreson’s Movie. Further

Writer and filmmaker Thomas Brash in 1976.

Thomas Brash died 20 years ago. She was known for plays like “Lovely Rita”. Further

Actress Meltem Captain kisses her Lola at German Film Awards - for her role as Rabbi Kurnas in Andreas Dressen's film "George W. vs. Rabbi Kurnas.  Bush" © Jens Kalaene / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk Photo: Jens Kalaene

First for the role of Silver Bear, then for Lola Rabbi Kurnas: The Cologne comedian says the captain is in a “fever dream”. Further

Hamburg Film Festival 2021 by Actress Saskia Rosenthal © Filmfest Hamburg / Martin Kunze Photo: Martin Kunze

“No one with calves,” Rosenthal plays the woman who wants to escape from the provinces. It was nominated for a Lola Award at the German Film Awards. Further

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