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Final against Italy - England's EM delight in epidemics: Hangover after party?

Final against Italy – England’s EM delight in epidemics: Hangover after party?

LONDON (AP) – Before the final, Boris Johnson had to clarify the most important question: Should the English go to office on Monday if the national team wins the final of the European Football Championship on Sunday?

The British Prime Minister, however, was rarely lost for a response. “It means challenging fate. Let’s see what happens,” Johnson said. Shortly before the fight with Italy at the domestic Wembley Stadium, the ecstasy in the country was huge: some suspect that national coach Gareth Southgate will soon be knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.

From kneeling to the end

Football has always been used to heal wounds and overcome grooves. Gold will be worth as much as the UK. There are so many wounds to heal in this country, it is really only a part of the country. A few weeks ago it did not appear that the national team could undertake this task. Even before the first kick-off was carried out, the country discussed whether the team should kneel before the start of the game as a sign against racism.

“It divides the fans and makes the players depressed,” right-wing blogger Paul Joseph Watson murmured. “The UK will be eliminated early from Euro 2021.” The players did not care about such comments and knelt down – but before the first game against Croatia, could not ignore the whistles. The issue reached the highest political circles as both Prime Minister Johnson and his Home Secretary Priti Patel defended the whistleblowers. Everyone has the right to freedom of expression.

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Johnson & Co. Als Edelfons

Now Johnson and Conservative heartliner Patel are the team’s biggest fans, hailed by the media across all lines as a symbol of a modern, diverse and vibrant England. Liberals rub their eyes: “They stand up for hungry children, they fight online hate (…) – they win football games,” surprised author John Sutherland. The social commitment of players like striker Marcus Rashford is immense.

In the center: Gareth Southgate. Bookmaker Coral challenges that the coach will one day become prime minister, no matter how much the English take him to heart. Former international Gary Neville ruled Southgate a true leader: “respectable, humble, honest, true”. Then it became clear that game success does not whiten everything. “The position of the leading elite in this country has deteriorated in recent years,” said the former professional expert, who is known for his clear statements – in his view: Boris Johnson.

Corona numbers explode

With the help of EM, Johnson at least conceals the corona infection and the updated outbreak number of new infections. In front of the stadium and in the city center, scenes appeared during the English games, which seemed to come from another time: thousands of fans were singing, dancing and drinking. In public view at Trafalgar Square, named for the bloody sea battle, people were happily drunk in each other’s arms after the victory against Denmark. Brexit and Corona were very far apart.

There is no criticism. People should enjoy the night, the commentators of the TV station ITV told their viewers along the way. The country has suffered so much in the last 16 months that these scenes are now the reward of perseverance. The Times cheered: “It’s about re-establishing human contact.” This approach is reminiscent of British “exceptionalism” – Great Britain, this proud trade and naval nation, has been chosen to play a key role. There is little doubt about the position across the parties.

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Say the hour: “It’s coming home”

“It’s Coming Home” – He Comes Home: The line of the fan classic “Three Lions”, the claim of the hour that celebrates himself as the inventor of football in the country. A moment ago, passengers were scolding the London Tube about the planned Super League. Now they face the first international football final for England in 55 years and the unofficial European Championship anthem “Sweet Caroline” sounds. Audiences are eagerly awaiting what will happen when the stylized party is over. Brexit effects, Scottish independence, knife violence among young people, equal living conditions in cities and countries – some questions awaiting answers.

After all, there are great fears that the epidemic will strike again. On July 19, all corona rules will be relaxed and normal life will return. Experts warn that despite the well-run vaccine campaign, the move is too fast. They fear that tens of thousands will enjoy long corona episodes. The hangover can be huge after a week-long celebration.