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‘Final Fantasy XIV’ returns to digital sales in January – JBox

after Suspension of sales and new registrationsAnd Final Fantasy XIV (Final Fantasy 14) announced the opening of new servers (Oceania) and the expansion of European, American and Japanese servers. In addition, digital sales will resume on January 25 at 5 a.m. (BRT) as the situation improves and long queues end – servers were extremely overburdened after the expansion was launched. Endwalker, on December 7.

However, if the situation becomes chaotic again, sales may be put on hold again. New registrations for free users (Free trial) should take a little longer to come back as Square still intends to monitor the movement and stability of servers for a longer period.

Final Fantasy XIV online It came out in 2010, for PC only, but it received such negative reception that Square Enix decided to remake the game. This is how the current success was born Final Fantasy XIV: A World Reborn, Released in August 2013 for PlayStation 3 and PC – PS4 version arrived in April 2014.

The game already has several expansions and is still a huge hit among fans of the series and MMORPGs despite the purchase costs and monthly fees included. A free version opened this year, players can. Enjoy up to level 60 without paying anything.

The game won two awards in Game Awards 2021.

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Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy It is a multimedia franchise and one of the most popular RPG series worldwide. Published and developed by then Square (which will be called America branch Square Soft), first title released in 1987, developed by Hironobu Sakaguchi Soon after the company was incorporated in 1986 (although it has been partly in existence since 1983 as a division of Den-Yu-Sha). Critical acclaim and first commercial success FF He has produced numerous sequels and other products, including films, animated series, and manga.

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like story Final Fantasy (1987) was not created for a sequel, Final Fantasy II (1988) was the first game without locations or characters from its predecessor. This was repeated in later titles, and became a feature of the franchise. Each main game has its own story, with a new set of characters and different worlds, although the games share some common elements, which characterize the franchise, whose worldwide sales have already exceeded 140 million copies, considering all the titles.

Between 1987 and February 2003, Square released 11 games of the main game Final Fantasy and 13 “offers”, como mystic quest (1992) H Chronicles (2001). In April 2003, the company merged with Enix, known as Dragon Adventure, which led to the emergence of Square Enix. Currently, the “Main Line” contains 15 titles. In March 2020, a survey conducted by NHK ranked Japanese games as favorite, with Final Fantasy X (2001) stay in first place.