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Final Fantasy XVI will have a launch patch

Final Fantasy XVI will have a launch patch

Square Enix confirms that they will be releasing an update with minor performance improvements.

start, Final Fantasy XVI It will be ready to release without any kind of day 1 patches or updates. Square Enix It has now been revealed that the game will be getting a small launch update to polish some aspects of the game.

In a Q&A broadcast with the game producersNow that the demo has been released, the production team has answered fans’ questions and concerns including concerns and even some problems and opinions.

From the experience players had in the demo, the production team is aware that there are aspects that can be improved and that is why it is going to launch An update of about 300MB, which will address progress issues, crashes, performance improvements, and minor bug texts.

After all, players without internet access or other inconveniences will not be required to download or connect to the network to start playing Final Fantasy XVI on the day it launches.

However, it is expected that after launch, the game will continue to receive support, with minor fixes, performance improvements, and even new settings in response to player feedback.

Even with these tweaks and makeovers, based on the demo, Final Fantasy XVI looks solid and complete, unlike other major releases of this caliber.

Final Fantasy XVI is a PlayStation 5 exclusive and releases on June 22nd.

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