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Finally the real reason: Delilah Carmo's departure from TVI was due to the jealousy of a colleague of hers - Nacional

Finally the real reason: Delilah Carmo’s departure from TVI was due to the jealousy of a colleague of hers – Nacional

The controversial departure of Delilah Carmo from TVI It can be more complicated than what was said at the beginning. It seems like the actress has enemies that season.

to me The historian Bernardo Dolehau, From “TV 7 Dias”, and The end of Delilah’s contract It will be associated with jealousy.

He wrote, “I was told that it was motivated by jealousy of someone who had recently arrived on the channel and had not viewed positively the continuity of the actress.” “Unfortunately, these days, these types of issues are still a moot point on television.” newly, Dalilah complained about the way her job at TVI had ended. “This doesn’t mean I was happy with the situation, but it was more about the way it happened than the situation itself. There was actually an emotional bond broken, because This channel was not right with me and I don’t think it deserves itHe said, “Soul.”

“ For me, the most dangerous thing about this situation was that I was twenty-one years old connected to a place – I left it for four years because it was the time I lived in Madrid and at that time there was something discussed and it was a healthy departure – and I felt it was ugly, Just like it was ugly with other people before me. It is not worth washing dirty clothes In public places though I am now showing some signs of it The thing was not pretty and a subject had to die“.

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