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Find out about gas stations where you can use the discount

Find out about gas stations where you can use the discount

The automatic coupon program can be used by taxpayers starting Wednesday, November 10. The government established the measure, within the program IVAutcher To respond to rising fuel prices

The subject of the dispute is a monthly deduction of 10 cents per liter, and up to 50 liters of gasoline or diesel per month. In practice, this means savings of €5 per month, for a total of €25 until March 2022, when this program ends.

Payment must be made by bank card and the discount will be applied only to taxpayers who have joined the IVAucher programme.

Those who have not done so can still do it, but those who are already registered on the platform do not need to do anything, just fill in the data and pay. It is also not mandatory to give a tax identification number, although the government advises recording a tax number. The money will be refunded within a maximum of 2 days to the bank account.


However, the Ministry of Finance confirmed that the discount does not only apply to fuel supplies, despite the procedure being established for this purpose. The discount will be applied to the first consumption of the month made at a gas station, regardless of the product purchased, which means that it can be redeemed if you purchase newspapers, tobacco or drinks and even if you do not refuel your car.

The Ministry of Finance clarifies in a statement, “After the first consumption of the month at the obligated filling station, regardless of its value, the total debit will be returned to the taxpayer’s bank account, within a maximum period of two working days.” This information is referred to in decree – you Posted earlier this week.

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Major crushers have already joined the cars

Almost 1,800 entries are already part of the program, that is, about two-thirds of them have already joined the automatic voucher purchase.

“Since November 1, the date when dealers began joining the auto voucher, there have been about two-thirds of gas stations in mainland Portugal and the autonomous regions, with coverage already guaranteed in the vast majority of municipalities, and it is expected that this number will It will continue to grow in the coming weeks,” says the Ministry of Finance.
The Secretary of State for Finance, Antonio Mendonca Mendes, revealed to us that in addition to being a participant in the programme, “the vast majority of service stations, almost all brands, and even supermarkets with gas stations have also joined.”

You can consult through this Link Or click on the image below that posts are already part of the programme, depending on the municipality or region.

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