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Bruno De Carvalho, Big Brother Famosos

Find out how much Bruno de Carvalho earned at Sporting

Bruno de Carvalho is the highest paid contestant on “Big Brother Famous”.

Bruno de Carvalho was talking to Liliana Almeida, Jaciara and Jay Oliver at the home of “Big Brother Famosos” on TVI and at one point the former president of Sporting spoke about the values ​​he acquired at the club.

At Sporting, for the first six months, I got a great salary. I was the one who decidedHe started by saying.

Months later, the former Sporting leader agreed to take a pay cut to avoid dismissal from the club. “If today, I would have done everything differently, I will tell you now. So, if that means I’m cute, no, I’m stupid because I made a lot of money there todayHe said sarcastically:Then I made huge mistakes“.

5 thousand euros per month. To work, for the sake of getting lost, 5 thousand euros a month? I took 60 thousand a year, a lot of money (…) Guy going through what I went through 60,000 a year? stupidity!‘, added Bruno.

to point out that Bruno de Carvalho earns €2,500 a week on ‘Big Brother Famosos’, which gives you €10,000 per month, and if you are a finalist, you get €20,000. The winner will also receive a prize of 25,000 euros.

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