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Find out how to get a free upgrade on flights!

Find out how to get a free upgrade on flights!

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Find out how to get one Free upgrade to First grade during your flights. A former airline employee has revealed a simple trick to make your flight more luxurious. It’s all about being patient and listening to the announcements at the boarding gates.

Secrets revealed by a former employee

Bobby Lowry, host and former host of The Jet Set, shared this tip in an interview with Travel + Leisure. When flights are overcrowded in economy class, airlines are looking for volunteers to take the onward flight, offering the opportunity for a free upgrade.

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If you want to take a later flight, Bobby Lowry suggests it’s possible to negotiate an upgrade. He shared his experience on a flight from Phoenix to San Diego, where he accepted a flight two hours later and was upgraded to first class with lounge access.

Clever strategies to secure promotions

Another trick is to choose a seat in the last row. On flights with available seats, flight attendants need to balance the weight of the aircraft and often move passengers from back to front. Therefore, by taking a seat in the last row, you increase the chances of being reassigned to a more comfortable seat.

Keep in mind that these upgrade chances are not guaranteed, but they are worth a try. Pay attention to airline advertisements, or choose the last row when booking. This will increase your chances of enjoying a more luxurious first-class flight. Be patient and be open to the possibilities as you travel.

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