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Find out the 5 devices that consume the most power in standby mode

Find out the 5 devices that consume the most power in standby mode

With the rise in energy prices, it is important to ensure that consumption is kept to a minimum. In contrast to this movement, we have equipment at home that is constantly consuming, even when it is turned off. Find out the 5 devices that consume the most power in standby mode.

Equipment that consumes more power is in standby mode

Managing energy consumption at home is not an easy task. There is equipment that we must permanently connect and consume, even if the benefit it brings is not ideal or even beneficial to the consumer.

The worst behaved in this area are those who are on standby, waiting for need. A recent analysis revealed the five appliances that consume the most standby power in a home.

  • Printer: 52.6 kWh/year
  • Router: 35.0 kWh/year
  • Music system: 35.0 kWh/year
  • Gas boiler: 27.2 kWh/year
  • Alexa or Google speakers: 26.3 kWh/yr

How to avoid this behavior in your home

This list was created by the Spanish OCU (Organization of Consumers and Users) which resident All standard household equipment. The study focused on imaginary consumption, that is, what is done without the equipment producing anything for the consumer, limited to being connected to the current.

While some of these devices must be permanently powered on to get the most out of them, not all of them are. The case of a printer or music system is an example, it can be unplugged from the electrical outlet or regulated through a power strip.

The European Union has put an end to home appliance standby by implementing product design improvements. This isn't just limited to household appliances, but extends further and looks at devices with a low-voltage external power source, such as a Wi-Fi router or wireless speakers.

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The ultimate goal is that by 2030 around 4 TWh will be saved, which translates into an economic saving of €530 million. It remains for manufacturers to prepare their equipment. Until then, the ideal solution is to turn off all the equipment that you don't need and that have high consumption even in standby mode.