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Find out what Brad Pitt did to the dentist when out in a wheelchair

Find out what Brad Pitt did to the dentist when out in a wheelchair

BRadbitt made the news this Wednesday after he was photographed leaving a Beverly Hills medical center in a wheelchair. The international press immediately revealed that the actor was leaving the dentist, but the fact that he was in a wheelchair continued to alarmed fans.

What did Brad Pitt go to do to the dentist? This was a question our readers wanted answered and we already have an explanation for it.

In fact, according to Hola! It was just an operation to remove a wisdom tooth.

As for the fact that the 57-year-old actor was transported in a wheelchair, the justification may be related to the fact that general anesthesia was necessary for the operation, which we do not know how it would have been performed, nor the seriousness of the operation. The situation.

Another reason, already mentioned at the beginning when the news spread, relates to a protocol from the medical center to avoid liability in the event that the patient becomes infected when leaving the institution.

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