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Find out which neighborhoods smoke on Tuesday

Find out which neighborhoods smoke on Tuesday

Mato Grosso do Sul Health Department in battle. (photo/disclosure)

To intensify the fight against the Aedes aegypti mosquito – which transmits dengue, zika and chykungunia – an ultra-low-volume (UBV) spray service, known as a fumarate, will visit six districts in Campo Grande on Tuesday (21). The teams are located in the neighborhoods of Vila Jacy, Jardim Leblon, São Conrado, Taquarussu, Tijuca and União.

It will be a team from the Municipal Health Department’s (Sesau) Coordination of Endemic Vector Control (CCEV) deployed to each borough, and they will follow a predetermined itinerary.

To increase the effectiveness of the insecticide, it is necessary for the resident to open doors and windows, so that the poison reaches the places where mosquitoes are likely to be.

Services start at 4:00 pm and are scheduled to end at 10:00 pm, and may be postponed or even canceled in the event of rain, wind or fog, as meteorological activities affect the application of the poison.

The pesticide infects adult mosquitoes, preferably females, that carry the disease. However, it is possible for other species to be affected, so judicious application of the venom is essential.

Check itinerary:

Find out which neighborhoods smoke on Tuesday

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