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Find out why you shouldn’t charge your smartphone with a case on

Find out why you shouldn’t charge your smartphone with a case on

Unfortunately, charging your smartphone is still a “routine” task. The capacity of the batteries has evolved, but they still do not provide autonomy for weeks or months. In downloading we do some things that are not recommended. Find out why we don’t carry our smartphone with a cover.

Smartphone: Charging with a cover makes the battery warmer

Technology experts always recommend buying a protective case for your smartphone, because this component can prevent you from suffering from “disgust” that can lead to irreparable damage to your equipment.

In practice, the fact that the smartphone has a cover makes the temperature higher at the time of charging.

Previously, smartphones were charged with a power of 10 to 18 watts and the cover did not affect this, since the current stored in the battery did not generate a temperature difference high enough to activate the protection mechanisms.

Currently, high and low temperatures affect smartphone performance and battery life. In this sense, batteries and charging systems have safety mechanisms that reduce the charging rate to prevent the temperature from exceeding a certain range and to prevent serious damage.

If a smartphone overheats while charging, the electrodes crystallize, causing a gradual loss of capacity over time. This process is neither automatic nor direct, but rather gradual, and over time we will notice that the smartphone battery life is decreasing.

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