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Find Your Best Market in 2021: The Big Winner Étaples-sur-Mer Gift List

Find Your Best Market in 2021: The Big Winner Étaples-sur-Mer Gift List

Your best market

Competition – Pass-de-Calais Commune Market won the fourth edition of “Your Most Beautiful Market” The event, organized with the support of regional dailies, was organized by the teams of Mary-Sophie’s TF1 13H Lacarrau.

ானtaples-sur-Mer The strong mobilization of all players in the market made a difference. The market emerged in the city of Boss-de-Calais as the winner of the competition organized by Mary-Sophie Lagra at 1 p.m. So the trophy of the most beautiful market goes to this neighboring town of Lu Duquette, which won the prize list in DiPay, Montbrison and Sanari-sur-Mer.

At the end of the 9-week competition, the taples-sur-Mer market won a narrow title ahead of the Hallus de Norfone. The Satylan-sur-Salaron, Charlotte and Sotteville-Los-Rouen markets complete the top 5. Since the start of the second phase of action, on April 26, the stage Your best market Received nearly 3.5 million votes.

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Your Best 2021 Market: Here are 24 candidates

Jointly selected with The Voice of the North, Étaples market has convinced not only its believers but also the French. On the site, traders and market gardeners were told to read the joke card with slogans along with labels and T-shirts. “We don’t pick melons, but we want to win” Or “It’s time to bring your strawberry back by voting for the Tables!”

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A friendly and warm meeting place

In the Étaples-sur-Mer market, which sells strawberries from Samar or cheese from Pergius, there is an explosion for traders. Sticking to the sea, the market offers the most refreshing fish of all time: the beard, the only turbose … the fish was already sold out when the fish were caught.

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Since the 19th century, the merchants of pletaples-sur-Mer have attracted people from everywhere. This is a meeting place where everyone wears a big smile. His friendship and the warmth he fills his heart have something to do with it. “Although we didn’t buy much, it was a Tuesday and Friday release,” one regular explains. In fact, wandering in the alleys of this small fishing village is pleasant. The air is so sweet and the smell so enticing, one might say that Ettapils-sur-Mer did not steal the title of its most beautiful market.

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Etaples, the most beautiful market: the strongest mobilization in the region

Find full rankings of the 2021 edition of the most beautiful market election

1. Etaples sur Mer Market

2. Harps of Norphone

3. Satilan-sur-Salaron market

4. Charlotte Market

5 .Sotteville-Las-Rouen Market

6. Roseford Market

7. Halls des Chappells-de Olon

8. Lesneven Market

9. Hallus de Troyes

10. Auburn Market

11. Toulon Market

12. Saint-Denis’ Sadron Market

13. Fran பிரான்ois Market in Martinique

14. Bessie Market

15. Chaplis Market

16. St. Liu de Amiens Market

17. Saint-Gerones Market

18. Nancy’s Central Market

19. Hallus de l Isle-Adam

20. Drewil-sur-Mer

21. Isle Roose Market

22. Hollas de Vesoul

23. Marcio de Limoges Market

24. Qui to Roy d’Orleans Market

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