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Finding Android offline?  Yes, now it is possible

Finding Android offline? Yes, now it is possible

In May 2023, Google It revealed an update that many Android users were eager to receive: the new version of the Find My Device service. This “up” brings a very interesting new feature: it is now possible to locate your Android cell phone even if it is locked.

This information, released via the GApps Flags & Leaks channel on Telegram, shows that the functionality is already appearing in the beta version of Play Services. But, although it is already visible, it does not yet work on all devices. However, it is expected that everyone will soon be able to access this resource.

Understanding the news

The idea behind the new “Find my device” advanced. Use Bluetooth To connect a network of Android devices, including cell phones and even wireless headphones, you can locate your lost or stolen phone even if it is locked. This network creates a collaborative tracking system, where each device helps find the other.

You don't have to worry about your privacy. This entire search is done with the utmost security, using encryption to ensure that only the owner of the device can see its exact location. Moreover, the most interesting thing is that this technology is not limited to mobile phones; It can also be used to find other connected personal items, such as smart watches and headphones.

How will it work?

The “Find My Device” interface is easy to use. There's a button to turn the function on or off, and you can choose how you want to use the network – always active, only in crowded places or inactive.

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To locate your device, simply use the Find My Device app or access a special website, both linked to your Google Account. This gives you the freedom to search for your lost device from anywhere.

Initially, it was expected that this function would already be available last year. However, according to Google, some adjustments had to be made in collaboration with Apple, delaying the launch.

With this functionality in beta, it seems that everyone will soon be able to access it. There are rumors that Google will provide more details about this matter at this year's Google I/O conference, which starts on May 14. This event is famous for being the moment when Google announces its news.