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Fiocruz researchers defend that Covid-19 has acquired a new classification: viral thrombophilic fever

Fiocruz researchers defend that Covid-19 has acquired a new classification: viral thrombophilic fever

Group of 10 Researchers From Fiocruz that Covid-19 is receiving new classification, due to recent discoveries made about virus. In a publication in the journal Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, the scientists explained that the factor should be recognized in the opposite direction: the increased formation of clots (also called blood clots) that can impede blood circulation.

This way, the Corona Virus It can be classified as thrombophilic viral fever. Covid-19 is currently receiving the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) classification. The post says that, one year after the disease appears, it is already possible to tell that it affects much more than just the lungs. This can be seen due to excessive clot formation.

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The New Covid-19 Classification

“In hospitalized patients, we see manifestations of thrombosis despite standard clinical practice of thrombosis prevention [terapia para prevenir a formação de coágulos]. There is also a description of thromboembolic events after discharge from hospital, and excessive clot formation was observed in pathological analyzes of deaths by Covid-19, ”says Pró-Cardíaco Hospital ICU coordinator and first author of the article, Robins Costa Son.

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a a study It is used as a basis in a survey conducted in the Netherlands, which found four excessive thrombotic formation in 16% of patients admitted to the ICU. In France, a similar analysis found symptoms in 40% of hospitalized patients.

“This definition highlights the need for measures to monitor and treat coagulation changes and indicates issues that need clarification, such as identifying biomarkers of severity, which can be used to guide therapeutic approaches,” says the researcher at IOC Comparative and Environmental Virology Laboratory and lead author of the study, Jose Paolo Galliardi Litt.

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“SRAG is a classification (also used today for Covid-19) used to depict a non-specific clinical engagement, as it can cover a series of manifestations. On the other hand, viral thrombophilia may represent a specific syndrome. This definition is essential in the field of health,” Costa stresses Filho.

We cannot place all files on a single factor in this disease. But there is no doubt that a clot does happen and can kill. This is an unambiguous point that must be observed, “concludes José Mengel, a researcher in the Clinical Immunology Laboratory of the International Olympic Committee and professor at the Faculty of Medicine in Petropolis.

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