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Pożar samochodów w stacji demontażu pojazdów w Stobnie pod Szczecinem. Jedna osoba została ranna. Słup czarnego dymu był widoczny z odległości kilkunastu kilometrów.

Fire at vehicle extraction station in Stoba. Wounded man

A car fire broke out at a vehicle extraction station in Stopno near Szczecin. One person was injured. The column of black smoke was visible from a distance of several kilometers.

A spokesman for the district fire brigade headquarters said: The stacked cars caught fire. We are talking about several dozen car wrecks.

A young man was injured in the fire. He was hospitalized with first-degree burns to the face, neck and arms. At present, his life is not in danger – journalist RMF MaxXX David Sivak told us.

In the first place, firefighters were able to secure technical gas tanks. These services also protected the hall, located several dozen meters away from the burning cars, against the spread of fire.

However, the operation was thwarted by a strong wind.

In addition, there were explosions in the burning ruins.

The fire was finally brought under control. It may take a few more hours to turn it off.

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