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Firefox beats the competition and goes where others can’t

The browser market is taking off, everyone wants to stand out with its features. If most are based on Chromium and so have limited room to maneuver to create new things, Mozilla’s Firefox has a unique space here.

With Windows as a foundation, Mozilla Browser now managed to get into a unique place that many wanted. This is the first browser that can be in the Microsoft App Store and therefore stands out.

Mozilla takes its browser even further

Until recently, Microsoft had control over the type of apps available in its Store. This application did not receive well-known Windows applications, being limited to having only WPAs, which not everyone wanted to use on their systems, thanks to their limitations.

Now, in a completely discreet way, Mozilla has taken the step many would like to take. It has an in-store browser that powers Windows and thus is very easy to access.

Firefox Mozilla Microsoft Browser Apps

Firefox is on the Microsoft App Store

The installation process becomes simpler, like any other application, which also guarantees the necessary updates. These events start automatically and without any user interaction, as their systems always have the latest versions.

Firefox's arrival to the Microsoft Store comes after the June changes. These started allowing browsers to use their own engines, which opened the door for Opera and Yandex in September. Mozilla is now proud to be the first "main" browser to come here.

Firefox Mozilla Microsoft Browser Apps

The first to arrive on this revamped platform

It was precisely this change from Microsoft that allowed Mozilla to bet on bringing Firefox to the Windows App Store. Thus, in a unique way, this browser can be accessed in this store, whether on Windows 10 or Windows 11, something that only Mozilla has achieved.

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Although it doesn't appear directly in Microsoft Store searches, Firefox is actually accessible on this platform. Adequate Access this link And deal with the process of installing this browser, as they have already done with many applications.