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First win for RB Leipzig, first goal for Ander Silva ::

First win for RB Leipzig, first goal for Ander Silva ::

After a wrong entry into the Bundesliga, after the defeat against Mainz, Leipzig scored its first points and first victory in the Bundesliga 2021/22. Andre Silva scored one of Jesse March’s team goals, in the 4-0 win against Stuttgart.

If there are cases where the result is misleading, this is not one of those cases. Playing at home, RB Leipzig completely dominated Stuttgart, with Dominik Szoboslai distinguished by a superb goal near the break.

The Hungarian midfielder, who scored his first goal in the Bundesliga, impressed him and returned to winning ways in the second half, with the help of Andre Silva. Before that, Emil Forsberg scored 2-0, just 15 seconds into the second half, in a beautiful collective movement for Jesse Marsh’s team, who clearly entered with a match-fixing goal.

Without a threat, Stuttgart allowed several chances for RB Leipzig and ended up with André Silva closing the scoring, with a penalty kick (the first by the new team) in the 65th minute, who came close to opening the scoring with a kick. The bike that led Muller to an excellent intervention.

Without discussion on the scoreboard and on the four lines, RB Leipzig responded to the poor performance of the first round, in a match where he crushed Stuttgart (5×1On the first day, she was easy prey and ended up…