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Five American soldiers were killed in a helicopter crash

Five American soldiers were killed in a helicopter crash


Deaths: Five US soldiers were confirmed dead after an accident with a CH-53 Super Stallion helicopter.

The US Marine Corps (Marines) declared a state of mourning after five soldiers were killed in a helicopter crash.

Five US Marines were killed in a helicopter crash, the US Defense Forces announced x/twitter.

The accident occurred while the CH-53E helicopter was returning to Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego, after being in training at Creech Air Force Base northwest of Las Vegas on February 6.

According to the site Stars and stripes The weather was bad when the helicopter went down.

The helicopter the crew was aboard was found the same day about an hour from San Diego.

Major General Michael J. said: “It is with a heavy heart and profound sadness that I share with you the loss of five outstanding Marines from the United States Navy,” Burgsholt, commander of the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing of which the helicopter was a part, said in a statement. 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing and the Flying Tigers.”

– He says the pilots and crew served a mission greater than themselves, and were proud of it.

The statement said that efforts are now being made to recover the remains of the helicopter and an investigation will follow.


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