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Five lessons about the classics ::

Five lessons about the classics ::

A classic is always a classic, and therefore worthy of all possible scrutiny. Last weekend, in Olivale, the Eagles and Dragons met and left a bunch of notes for the record.

Despite a sloppy start, the Eagles took the lead after halftime, and from then on, they looked calm and confident defensively and ready to extend their lead.

The second and third arrived due to the two Gustavus. In the beginning, Marquez was full of confidence and forced Mexido into an incomplete save, making it 2-0. Then Varela entered, picked her up, spun her around and shot to foreign ecstasy.

After attending the meeting Zero zero Now highlights five points about this game.

Gustavo Marquez, leader of the other expeditions

Gustavo Marquez opened the scoring @Peter Spark / Kapta+

What a brilliant performance from the young centre-back, the best on the pitch. A match that well justifies the 'why' for his call-up (and debut) in the A team. Without being spectacular, he is confident on the ball, quick, excellent at controlling depth and very physically strong.

As if that wasn't enough, this is the definition of “Captain without a badge.” A true leader, especially in the little qualities that TV sometimes doesn't show.

We don't know, of course, whether he will still be a player one day Capture share In the main team of Benfica. This may not even be a bet on a top-flight team, but he has already shown that he deserves, at the very least, a more attractive challenge.

It screams lack of confidence

While he is persistently linked with a potential move, David Carmo continues to progress in the B team, but the lack of confidence is stark and noticeable at every step. He played 12 matches with the main team, but continued his career with Antonio Folha.

Against Pacos de Ferreira, in the last round, he was involved in two own goals and against Benfica B, at home, he did not guarantee the security that the blue and white defense needed in difficult stages. Some botched passes, poorly handled moves and the tension of the 90 minutes: he doesn't look like the same man who was a starter for years at SC Braga.

Sergio Conceição has already spoken about “the case.” David CarmoHe said that he is a “less player” than FC Porto needs. We will never know what the destination will be Lyon or OlympiacosBut the defender needs to regain his confidence levels.

A goalscorer in the making?

He is the son of a strong defender But he shows that he knows how to do what his father tries to avoid: goals. Gustavo Varela started at Sporting, following his father's career he traveled to Greece and in 2021/22 he returned to Portugal through the gates of Luz, and a year later, he gained fame by scoring 23 goals in one youth season.

Varela signed with Benfica in 2021 @SL Benfica

This season, aged 18, he has played just 73 minutes in League Two, but the goal in the classic showed he at least has quality. With his back to the goal, he received it with his heel and face confidently, and from a distance, he shot powerfully, near the left post. Noisy celebrations, of course

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It won't be easy to establish yourself in the B team. Kay that it Gilson Benchimol (It is currently in CAN; He could benefit from Varela) he has more minutes and is ahead of Gustavo in the hierarchy. However, the young striker has been closing in on the finish in recent matches. Now, it's time to play his cards in the minutes he gets, as he did at Olival.

They had blood in their gills, but it wasn't enough

Defeated 0-3 and overtaken in the league table: Benfica B traveled to the Estadio Luis Felipe Menezes to win by three points. FC Porto B was empty again and the highlights were the smallest. Despite some accumulated experience of David Carmo, Romain Correa, Wendel Silva or Nilton Varela, the kids were trying to get out of a complicated situation.

Rodrigo Moura tried to stir up controversy with his @Peter Spark / Kapta+ game

Vasco Souza He led the midfield with several interventions on both sides of the field. Rodrigo Moura He created chances in attack and Martim Fernandes came up the pitch to try to find his teammates in the opposite area. From the bench came new blood with a desire to at least get an equalizer.

Although the result was not in favor of the blue and white team, the point was made to the young players who are the future of FC Porto. In a competitive league like Portugal's SABSEG, growing pains are part of the process and defeats serve that purpose. This Sunday, more experienced athletes were needed for these trips…

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Impenetrable wall (for the first time)

Not only will anyone who watched this match say, but it was the first time in the season that Benfica B did not concede an away goal in the tournament. A surprising fact, especially considering the type of heroes embodied. Gustavo Marques and Adrian Bajrami have already been called up to the first team, Joao Tomé is completely safe, and Kokupo, despite one mistake or another, remains reliable.

The Eagles are the 6th worst defense in the competition @Peter Spark / Kapta+

It is true that the migration of players between A, B and junior players does not contribute to creating routine and building solid foundations. However, the record is not very encouraging: Eight matches away from home, conceding ten goals and a clean sheet, last weekend against Porto B.

That's a fact that certainly doesn't make the guys on the final red line proud, but the classic left one thing certain: there are conditions to do better.