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Five-month-old son of Nick Cannon dies of brain tumor

Five-month-old son of Nick Cannon dies of brain tumor

Nick Cannon revealed on Tuesday the death of his youngest son, five-month-old Zane, from complications caused by a brain tumor.

“Over the weekend, I lost my youngest son to a disease called hydrocephalus … brain cancer,” the actor and presenter revealed during “The Nick Cannon Show.”

“It’s tough,” he said in tears, adding that he just got back to work because he needed to keep busy.

The actor explained that his son “always had a cough,” and therefore, “I wanted a medical opinion.” “He was breathing differently and when he was two months old I realized his head is bigger too. We don’t think of anything bad. But I wanted to take him to the doctor for his sinuses and his breathing. We thought it would be a routine thing.”

The child’s health worsened on Thanksgiving Day, which is celebrated on November 25. “It turned out to be brain cancer and the tumor started growing faster. We knew it was time…,” he added. “This weekend, we did everything we could to spend as much time with Zen as possible.”

Zayn was the youngest son of the comedian. Cannon’s eldest child – twins Monroe and Moroccan – are ten years old and born from his marriage to Mariah Carey. It follows Golden, with four, and the mighty Queen, with one, Brittany Bell’s sons.

In June alone, Cannon gave birth to three children: twins Zion Mixolyan and Zillion Heir, born on June 14, to DJ Abby de La Rosa, and Zane Scott, born on June 23, after an affair with model Alyssa Scott.

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