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Five rescued from a Norwegian cargo ship on a list

The five aboard FS Bjugnfjord were picked up by helicopter after the ship had a large stand between Kullen in Skåne and Gilleleje in Denmark.

The ship is located 20 kilometers west of Coleen, according to reports Aftonbladet. sedsvinscan It states that it is a Norwegian ship, and that all five are Norwegian.

The Swedish Maritime Administration helicopter is there, transporting people. It’s in the middle of the strait, Fredrik Strombach, a spokesperson for the Swedish Maritime Administration, tells Seidsvenskan.

He told NTB it was the FS Bjugnfjord cargo ship, 65 meters long.

Two Danish and two Swedish helicopters have been deployed, and the frigate Nils Joel is also on its way, says Alan Mortensen, a duty officer at Denmark’s Armed Forces Operations Center.

No serious injuries

The alarm went off just before eight in the evening, and the ship is said to have had five on board. By 10:30 p.m., the ship had rescued them all, according to Stromback.

– It happened in Danish waters, but we are participating by helicopter and we have another at the ready. Five people have been rescued, says Daniel Staleyby, assistant rescue chief at the Swedish Naval and Air Rescue Center in Aftonbladet.

It was reported that two were lifted from the ship and three from a lifeboat.

According to Emma Nyqvist, the rescue chief’s assistant, no one was seriously injured.

– As far as we know, they are fine, and in good condition depending on the circumstances, she tells Sedsvenskan.

bad weather

Stromback reports that northerly winds of about 12 meters per second blow in the area.

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– Of course it’s tough conditions, but its crews are trained for that, he said.

The reason for the tilt of the ship appears to be that the cargo capsized or moved.

– The weather was very bad, with strong winds and waves, causing the load to shift, Nyqvist tells Sedsvinskan.