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Windows 11 AMD Microsoft processadores problemas

Fixed issues with AMD processors in testing

After months of testing, Windows 11 has been released globally, with loads of new and improved features. These focus on both the interface level and the operating system itself.

Unfortunately, with this same new release, Microsoft ended up introducing issues that were not expected. Those who have suffered the most from this situation are AMD processors and the computers in which they are used. Now, in a beta version, the solution is being tested.

Problems with AMD processors and Windows 11 were discovered from the first moment Microsoft released the new system. Its wide availability ended up revealing this flaw, which went undetected.

The worst of the situation, after a few weeks, First updateThis system ended up causing more problems and more slowness. The 15% slowdown ended up at 70%, which is easily noticeable.

An update has been promised very soon, which should solve this problem once and for all. Both Microsoft and AMD sought to work around the flaw and offer a version without any restrictions for these processors.

It's getting closer to us now that it's finally been launched, albeit in a controlled environment. The Building 22000.282 It was released in the Insiders Program and promises to change a lot when it comes to this issue.

In addition to the problem with AMD processors, this build is responsible for correcting some abnormal situations. We're talking about the start menu not updating on some PCs and even the recent issue with printers.

Microsoft Windows 11 AMD processor problems

As is usual in these cases, Microsoft will leave version 22000.282 in testing for some time. You want to make sure that the specific issues are actually resolved and that you can promote this version to your end users.

Once again, Microsoft is quickly and (presumably) effectively eliminating the problem with Windows 11. These situations have often worked in the past, but unfortunately others have ended up without solutions. Let's see how this important flaw is dealt with this time.

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