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Flamengo player Vitor Pereira gets crushed in Cariocao final and hears insults from the fans – Brazil

Flamengo, led by Vitor Pereira, were crushed on Sunday (4-1) by Fluminense, in the second leg of the Carioca final, which nullified the two-goal advantage that Mingau had had going into tonight’s match (2-0), which he won in the match. . The first stage of the tie. The result allows Fluminense to win the Cariocao for the second year in a row. On the other hand, the Portuguese coach faced stiff competition from the fans. The shift began to take shape very early on, due to the way Fluminense handled the game, unlike their rivals, and within four minutes, in the 30th and 34th minutes, winger Marcelo and Argentine-German striker Kano put their team together. Winning 2-0, canceling the disadvantage of the first leg. The former Real Madrid veteran left-back, with whom he compiled an impressive record, opened the way for Fluminense’s defeat, with a powerful shot, and the goal of the German Kano, immediately afterwards, aroused the displeasure of the ‘fans’ of Flamengo, who even before the break targeted Vitor Pereira bluntly, with unfriendly cheers.

In the second half, “Flo” confirmed the direction of the match and reached the third and fourth goals, in the 56th and 65th minutes, again through the German Kano, and Alexander, who put the score at 4-0, and practically secured the title. trophy, although there was nearly half an hour left in the match.

Flamengo managed to reduce the score to 4-1, in 90 + 9 minutes, by Ayrton Lucas, but the fate of the final was decided and Fluminense was the first team to reverse its two-goal deficit in the final of the competition.

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