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Flávia Alessandra criticized for wearing a swimsuit: “A 49-year-old woman is judged to be old”

Flávia Alessandra criticized for wearing a swimsuit: “A 49-year-old woman is judged to be old”

Flavia Alessandra She decided to say enough and commented on the offensive comments made by netizens in the pictures in which she appears in a bathing suit. The actress was celebrating her 49th birthday with her family members and was heavily criticized.

“She’s pretty, but she should gain about 4 kilos” that it “Oh my God, you don’t have to dress like that.” They were some of the criticisms that were highlighted in the video that Flavia shared with her Instagram.

“I’ve received a lot Extremely mean, sexist, and sexist comments. What impressed me the most is that Most of them are women, who questioned my age, my values, as if disrespecting my husband, my daughters, and my body, saying I was too skinny or that I should be chubby, among a thousand other silly things. I wish these kinds of comments didn’t exist.”He said.

“It’s sad to know that women enjoy a sunny day as well He rules at the age of 49 as being too old. While men of the same age are interpreted as energetic and appear to have the same attitude.”lamented.

Finally, he called for change: “I wish that we women would live as we want, without too much criticism, and that men would be aware of their comments and that we would have a peace pact, supporting each other. If there is no support, at least there is no judgmentHe said.

While most netizens supported the actress, others criticized again: “I don’t think you need that. This is for little girls who want attention. It looks tacky and the pictures really get attention.”, shot one of the followers. Flavia replied: “I’m sad that I couldn’t pass on the message I wanted to you.”you read.

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