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Flexible Minas rules for holding large events;  see changes

Flexible Minas rules for holding large events; see changes

The protocol reduces the distance and ends the general limit in the green wave at Minas Consciente; Use of a mask and proof of vaccination or a negative test for covid-19 is mandatory.

The Government of Minas, through the Extraordinary Committee Covid-19, on Monday (22), updated the health protocol for recreation and recreational events with the general public, with more flexible rules on the distance and maximum capacity of spaces.

According to the state executive, the new version of the document is already in force and approved due to the progress of vaccination in Minas Gerais and the stability of the main epidemiological indicators.

Currently, all of the state’s macro and micro health areas are on the green wave, which is the least restrictive of the plan.

Check out the new rules:


In yellow and green waves: Mandatory indoor distance changed from 1.5m to 1m.

In open spaces, on the green wave, the distance is not mandatory. In the yellow wave, it changes to one meter. In the red wave, the recommended distance remains the same, 1.5m, for open and indoor spaces.

Max capacity

In Green Wave there are no restrictions and 100% of the site capacity is allowed. In the yellow wave, the capacity is up to 50% of the local capacity or up to 2000 people.

In the red wave, the maximum is up to 10% of the total occupancy of enclosed spaces and up to 30% of the total occupancy of open spaces. The maximum duration should be 5:00 and the time allowed from 8:00 to 21:00.

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Measure the temperature, duration of events and access to different areas

Temperature measurement will no longer be mandatory. In the green and yellow waves there is no time limit and entry to the social areas, restaurants, cafeterias, dormitories, parking and playgrounds is free.

Mask and proof of vaccination

The use of masks and proof of vaccination through the National Immunization Certificate for all participants with a single dose or dose, a negative test for disease or a medical report for a cured infection remains mandatory. It is also necessary to maintain preventive measures, such as the greatest possible physical distance and hand hygiene, among others.

According to the Coordinator of the Strategic Information Center on Health Monitoring of the State of Minas Gerais (Cievs-MG), Eva Lídia Arcoverde Medeiros, it is the responsibility of the organizer for the participants to use masks effectively and correctly, following the following: Recommended prevention measures. It is also up to the organizer to check the documents that are mandatory for participation in the event and, in cases of non-compliance with the procedures, to ban the participant from attending the venue.

sports event

It is recommended that all athletes, practitioners, and other participants wear a mask in activity areas, with equipment removed only when they are training or performing a sporting or athletic activity. Hands should be sanitized with alcohol and soap, hugs, touches, handshakes and fist bumps celebrations should be avoided, and athletes should not be encouraged to use shared or other people’s containers (bottles, towels, etc.).

In professional training centers, the use of a mask in public is mandatory, unless the athletes are already training or performing sports activities.

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You should also avoid using steam rooms or saunas and places where there is no air circulation, where a mask cannot be used, as they are at high risk of transmitting respiratory diseases.

Journalists and journalists may attend training centers at the discretion of football teams and teams.

With regard to the rules of the stadiums, it is the responsibility of the management of the institution to observe this document and the protocols of Minas Consciente.

Event types

Specific guidelines have also been included for facilities by type of event, such as concerts, festivals, theaters, amusement parks, amusement parks, and a traveling circus.

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