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Flight attendants undress against layoffs

Flight attendants undress against layoffs

A group of Alitalia flight attendants took off their clothes last week in front of the Campidoglio – the center of power in Rome – to protest against layoffs and cuts in wages.

The 50 women appeared in their uniforms and, as they removed pieces of their clothing, shouted “We are Alitalia.”

The airline halted operations, with ITA airline taking its place as Italy’s national airline. Despite this exchange, only 2,800 of Alitalia’s 10,500 workers were employed by Alitalia.

The protest is not only against the layoffs but also against the terms that will apply to those who become employees of ITA Airways. A flight attendant from this company told CNN that, in addition to taking a pay cut, she has lost her seniority and will not be informed in advance of where and when she will be working.

ITA President Alfredo Altavilla called the strike threats a “national disgrace.”

“Contracts negotiated more than completed. They were all in agreement and signed the contract we sent them,” Altavilla told Il Fatto Quotidiano earlier this month.

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