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Flight control in the Philippines - at least 29 dead - VG

Flight control in the Philippines – at least 29 dead – VG

A military plane with 92 people on board has been reported to have crashed in the Philippines. They include three pilots and 5 crew members, according to Reuters.


The Philippine defense chief reported that the plane was downed.

There were also many young men on board who had recently completed their first training in the armed forces.

General William Gonzalez said at least 29 people had died and the fate of 17 had not been determined.

However, 50 people were taken to hospital, according to Reuters.

Emergency services are on site and we pray to save more lives, says General Cirilito Sobijana.

The plane was transporting soldiers for deployment on Jolo island in Sulu province, which has long been the scene of an extremist Islamic uprising.

– Sobiana told Reuters that the plane missed the runway and tried to restore electricity, but it failed and crashed.

– There is no indication that this is an attack. Commenting on that, our focus at the moment is on rescue, not investigation.

The aircraft was a C-130 Hercules.

to me New York times It first took off in 1988, and was used by the US Air Force until it was sold to the Philippines in January of this year.

beautiful ndogan Al Jazeera Mania reporter, reported from Manila that helicopters have been deployed to transport the wounded to a nearby hospital.

– C-130 is one of the newly acquired aircraft from the Philippines. She added that the area where the accident occurred is home to one of the huge bases of the Philippine army.

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