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Floating with a breathtaking view: the homes of the future are born in the middle of the sea - International

Floating with a breathtaking view: the homes of the future are born in the middle of the sea – International

Exactly three months ago we took a look at the new Museum of the future, in Dubai, which, although opening on February 22, 2022, anticipates what we can have in a few years. At that time we were in disbelief and at the same time we feel like we are just a museum where the future lies in the prototypes, but in the homes of ocean builders, Based in Panama, proof that it is already underway.

The company develops boats. It’s called Seapod and located in Panama, a country in Central America, with one goal: to address the housing shortage at popular beach destinations.

The project designed by Rüdiger Koch, Director of Engineering at Ocean Builders, along with Managing Director Grant Romundt, was then able to reduce the space required by placing several homes a few meters above sea level, ensuring all the advantages of approaching the same the level. ..

Just imagine the dawn.

Seapod Ocean Builders

Credits: Ocean Builders

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Credits: Ocean Builders

“There is something magical about getting up in the morning, going down the stairs, jumping on a paddleboard and going to training,” says Grant Romont, who has had the experience of living in a houseboat in Toronto. CNN.

The ones already under construction in Linton Bay Marina, on the north coast of Panama, are pods that will contain approximately 73 square meters of useful space, including the master bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom, spread over three levels. And a half, with floor-to-ceiling windows to take full advantage of the ocean view.

to float 2.2 meters from the sea, The capsules are located on more than 47.7 cubic meters of steel tubes filled with air, designed not to affect marine life. – If this isn’t the “world’s first ecological restoration house”.

The company explains that the boats act as “fish-gathering devices, because whenever you put something in the water that covers it, it attracts marine life.” This will provide “a natural habitat for marine life to occupy and thrive”.

“We’re not perfect right now, but we’re trying to get better and better,” says Grant Romondt. Therefore, sustainability is the cornerstone of this project, which takes advantage of technology in this field and others.

Here, Siri on the cell phone is the whole house

It’s inevitable to get to every SeaPod case: by boat, jet-ski, or the local water taxi. No carbon-neutral spacecraft or teleportation options have yet been created to reduce the impact of fuels at sea, but other ideas are offsetting the few minutes to reach the “luxury of modern life.”

Here are some examples:

  • Special “smart rings” to open doors and play music with a movement of the hand;
  • Home works as a complete digital assistant (not just Siri on cell phones);
  • Drones intended to deliver goods such as food and medicine, as well as “smaller everyday products”;
  • Independent separate receptacle for larger deliveries and ocean recycling, picking up trash and debris to keep the surrounding area clean.

For all this, the creators compared SeaPod with giant Apple equipment for the high level of technology that they integrate. “If Apple had built a house, I think they would have ended up creating a SeaPod, or a GreenPod, or an EcoPod,” Grant Romondt said.

The future is already happening and the sale of various pontoons from Ocean Builders should start online in 2022. This means that those who have managed to buy a house 2.2 meters above sea level – which costs between 295 thousand and 1.5 million dollars (less a little in euros) – can be transferred by the end of 2023.

Even if a purchase is out of the question, know what the future will be like.

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