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“Flor Sem Tempo” summary: Catarina and Vera are invited to go to the program “Júlia”

“Flor Sem Tempo” summary: Catarina and Vera are invited to go to the program “Júlia”

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Ricardo with Carla and Luisa. The nurse asks him if Sebastião and Mimi are back together, and he says that, as far as he knows, they just had a fight. Luisa leaves for the bathroom and Carla throws herself in, but he doesn’t have any conversation with her. Gonzalo, who is there with some friends, invites the boy to drink beer with them. Maddalena’s son replies that he is working and his friend asks for another round and for her to play darts.

Vittoria confronts Luis María with sexual harassment accusations and he denies everything, saying that they are trying to extort money from him. Eduardo’s wife finds this argument very ridiculous and his brother-in-law tells her that they will have to prove everything in court. Vasco’s mother answers that even if they can’t prove anything – which is difficult – it doesn’t mean they are lying.

Mariana asks Vasco for forgiveness and tells him that he is right about everything. Vittoria’s son does not understand what happened to him. The girl tells him that what happened is: she loves him and can’t bear for him to leave her. Vasco asks her not to dare blackmail him like this because it is humiliating for her.

Katarina and Vera are counting the money in the boxes they have distributed around the city when the unknown number tries to call again and Vera asks her sister to answer. On the other hand, they told him that it was from Julia’s program. They want them to go to the SIC program the next day. Leonor’s daughter thinks about it and shares what they told her with her sister. First, Vera says she doesn’t want to go, but Katarina thinks she can shed light on their story and help raise more money for her nephew. They both decide to go.

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Gonzalo and his friends were already impressed by the drink. Ricardo and Belmiro close the bar and monitor their movements. Antonio’s son tells his friends that they are going to Vila Nova de Milfontes and Ricardo tells them not to go by car, as things might get worse. Gonzalo invites him to go too and Belmiro says he can’t go. However, Maddalena’s son does not want to let the boy go in that state in a car with other drunk people and decides to go with them.

Eduardo finds Vasco in the kitchen and asks him if he and Mariana will spend the night there. The son says no and admits they are done. His father tries to talk to him, but Vasco is not very accepting of him and wants to go to his room.

Ricardo takes Gonzalo home drunk. Antonio is upset, believing that it was Ricardo who led his son astray, although he explains that the boy was at the club bar drinking and only stopped him from getting into a car full of drunken friends. Rosa’s boyfriend kicks Ricardo out of the house while Giulietta comments that he could be telling the truth.

Cremilde arrives at the pharmacy and tells Viriato that his back is much worse. The pharmacist asks him to massage her with an electric massage device. Although he is not very confident, the man ends up agreeing.

In the morning, Gonzalo enters the room drunk and in shock. The boy tells his father that his friends were in a serious car accident on their way to Vila Nova de Milfontes, and that if it had not been for Ricardo, he might not have been there. Antonio feels guilty because he treated Sebastião’s brother poorly.

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Catarina is running when Luis María comes and tells her that she tends to be smart, but she is not enough for him. The villain states that it seemed good to him that he saw Celia there, and now he realizes that it was Catarina who instigated Celia and Rosa to file a complaint against him. The young woman does not deny this and says that she is not afraid of him. David comes over and asks if everything is okay, which pushes Luis María away. Catarina tells him that she went to Julia Pinheiro’s program and knew that he was the one who made the call.

Cayetana and Bernardo are in bed and remember the times when they started dating. The businesswoman admits that at that time she really thought that they would be together forever and Bernardo says that he has not given up on this idea yet. Fernando’s granddaughter got up and said she was going to take a shower. Her ex-husband takes advantage of her absence and steals all the money in her wallet.

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