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“Flor Sem Tempo” Summary: Mariana tries to sell the car that Katarina ran over

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Giulietta and Kremilde work through the night, and the pharmacy owner begins to despair, believing that they will never be able to organize the establishment for review. Teodoro’s sister goes to get coffee and comforts her, saying they will make it, even if they have to work all night. The friend finds Kriemhild’s sympathy strange and tells her that what they are doing there is nothing compared to what they have already gone through.

Tozi and Philippa are walking down the street. The girl has tearful eyes and ends up confessing to all the hell she was going through in that house. Katarina’s brother told her again that he had the sofa available, but his ex-girlfriend responded that they had a lot of problems, and she would only get in the way. The boy told him that ever since the fake letter from the hospital, they had never received any donations, and the two were missing each other a lot.

Eduardo is very thoughtful and Vittoria wants to know exactly what happened the night Maddalena killed Margarida and why her husband was in the cellar with Leonor. He explains that Jorge already found out about their relationship and she came to warn him. After they thought that Luis María was the one who killed the winemaker, the cook asked for money to keep quiet, and the villain had the idea to make this video. Vasco enters and the parents hide their annoyance.

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Filipa and Jaime having breakfast. Jaime talks about Belmiro’s supposed brother. The girl wants to know if he is rich or exploitative, and the brother says that they must first take a test to confirm if he is really their uncle. Jaime apologizes to his sister for not hearing the cell phone the night before and tells her it’s a good thing Toziah picked it up.

Katarina offers the guard coffee and asks him if there is any news about her being run over. The man says no, and whoever does that has done well. Leonor’s daughter is frustrated and he asks her if she has any idea who she is. The young woman hesitates, but in the end she says no.

You can see the car that ran over Katarina and traces of blood on it. Mariana approaches the car to clean it and realizes that she is the one who ran over Leonor’s daughter.

David works and Vasco receives a message saying that he has to move the sailboat. Fernando’s grandson spoke to him and said the hard part was getting this to Mariana. The coach asks him if there is no way back between them and Vasco says no, because Mariana has become a very unstable person.

Katarina is working and Elisa is browsing a magazine, and notices an article about how to spice up her marriage. Leonor enters and tells her daughter that Inspector Varela called her to ask her to go to the police that afternoon. Katarina tries to be positive and tells her that the police will realize that the video is fake, but her mother is not sure.

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Julietta and Kremilde have huge dark circles under their eyes, ruined by spending all night at work. Viriato enters in a very good mood and asks why they didn’t call him. Aunt Mimi is more confident and says he was about to distract them. The auditors enter and Kremilda tells her friend to keep her head up, as no one understands more than the two of them.

Lara “catches” Teodoro drinking coffee and asks him to help Joachim remove the coffee machine when he’s finished because they have to cut costs. Elissa’s husband thinks it’s exaggerated and says the coffee doesn’t cost much. Lara says that they will not only reduce these expenses, but also others, such as food allowance.

Vittoria confronts Maddalena about what happened the night she killed Margarida, but her sister is too upset to talk about it and says she already told her everything. Eduardo’s wife wants to know if Leonor saw her kill the winemaker, but she refuses and that she doesn’t know anything else.

Eduardo and Luis Maria talking. Vittoria’s husband tells his sister’s husband that he does not understand why he did all this. The villain says that he did it so that the mother of his children would not go to prison and to protect the family from a scandal, but this does not convince Eduardo. Finally, Vasco’s father realizes that Luis María used this to blackmail Maddalena all that time.

Giulietta enters the pharmacy and an exhausted, pregnant Viriato, Philippa, and Kremilde are waiting for her. The president says they passed the audit and found no defects. Viriato praises her, but she says that the merit is not only hers, but also Kremilda’s. Hugs and makeup.

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Mariana has just washed the car and is on the cell phone with a mechanic she is trying to sell the car to. Vasco’s ex-girlfriend says she would rather send her away as quickly as possible because it only causes her problems and she doesn’t need them. The man says it’s okay, just agree whether he takes the car or she takes it.

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