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“Flor Sem Tempo” Summary: Twist!  Vera gets custody of her son

“Flor Sem Tempo” Summary: Twist! Vera gets custody of her son

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At the Torres family's kitchen door, Cremilde tries to persuade Isidro to go to tea with her, Giulietta, Viriato and Graça. The chef doesn't want to accept, because he's afraid, and says that since they only talk on his phone and he doesn't have any accident again. Mimi's aunt says that they can't stay like this forever, and that it will be a meeting of friends, which she also misses, since she arrived, she hasn't Haven't made any friends yet.

The judge continues talking to Katarina and Vera… and tells them that Georgi was removed from his mother's custody because she showed extremely irresponsible behaviour, but in the meantime her attitudes towards her son's illness have surprised everyone. Vera says she wouldn't mind if custody of her son transferred to Katarina, as long as he wasn't institutionalized. The judge asks her if she does not want custody of Jorginho, and the young woman says yes. Thus, the judge says that she is the son's official guardian. The Valente sisters hug each other and cry.

Belmiro and Natalia are at her house watching videos on their cell phones and laughing. Philippa comes in and watches them, sees that they get along well, and they end up leaving. Belmiro asks his ex-wife how Filipa is and Natalia praises the girl, saying that she always pays for everything correctly, is attentive and tidy.

Vasco and Lara talk about the bottles of wine he and Sebastião made. Lara praises the wine and says they have to choose the name and label and then pass the information to the marketing department and launch the wine, which will be a sensation this year. Luis Maria enters, praising Vasco and Sebastiao's work. The nephew does not react well, but the villain asks him not to continue to be upset with his grandfather because of him.

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Maddalena is drinking alcohol and Fernando asks her if she is sure it is okay to mix alcohol with all the pills she takes. The daughter says she doesn't know and Old Torres tells her again what Leonor is going through while imprisoned for a crime she didn't commit. Luis Maria's wife says that she already feels tormented enough and that she does not need her father to punish her and remind her of it all the time.

Cremilda, Giulietta, Viriato, and Isidro are in the pharmacy at night and everything is closed. They are sitting in a circle and there are candles spread all over the place. The chef starts to find it strange and asks if they can't go to the café for tea. Teodoro's sister told him that this way it was more intimate and Graça turned off the lights and then appeared dressed all in white. Belmiro's ex-girlfriend begins to say prayers, which Cremilda and Giulietta repeat, and Isidro becomes more afraid and wants to leave.

Ricardo goes to the laundry room to talk to Jaime, who likes to see him like this and in good health. The boy says he feels great, but he knows he has a long way to go and won't stop going to therapy because he feels he still has a lot of things to work out within himself. Maddalena's son also apologizes to his friend for how he made him feel.

Vittoria meets Eduardo in the hotel room to give him her portfolio so he can deliver it to Osorio. Vasco's father says that everything is going well and they are clearly a good team, so they should get back together. Eduardo starts making advances towards Vittoria, until she stops him and asks him to sign the divorce papers.

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Katarina adjusts the blankets for the sleeping Marta. Then he sees Vera and her nephew sleeping and gives them a little pet. The young woman couldn't take it and started crying and left for the living room.

In the living room, Katarina is crying about everything she hasn't cried about in the past few months. In order not to wake her sisters, she cries with her face pressed into the pillow, while telling a picture of her mother that she will miss her very much. Tozet enters and sees his sister crying. At that moment, Katarina receives a message from Celia asking them to meet.

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