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“Flor Sem Tempo” Summary: Vittoria confronts Leonor with the video of Margarida’s death

“Flor Sem Tempo” Summary: Vittoria confronts Leonor with the video of Margarida’s death

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Vasco and Mariana are working in the evidence room when Catarina enters with a bag of coins and gives them to her rival, saying that she is returning what she donated to Jorginho. Vasco is shocked and Mariana continues to act insulted, saying that she only asked for the money back because Vera attacked her. Leonor’s daughter responds that if she had not put her arm across her chest, she would have been the one who hit her..

Jaime works and is very upset and tells Felipa that he has decided to write his autobiography and try to work elsewhere. His sister asks him if it was about Kriemilde and he admits it was, but that’s not all. Laundry isn’t the most stimulating job in the world and it doesn’t pay well, so he has to change his life.

Cremildi enters the pharmacy at the moment when Giulietta rejects an invitation from Viriato to go to the cinema. Mimi’s aunt says she can and acts like a guest. The man is confused and says the best thing is to go when his boss can, but Teodoro’s sister expects it and says that the pharmacy owner has never left the house since she became a widow.

Eduardo goes to Cayetana’s wine cellar and asks her directly why he didn’t hire him. The businesswoman hesitates, but is forced to tell him that her father lied and stole from the family. Eduardo told him that he had many connections and that at his age no one would hire him anymore. Caetana hesitates and ends up being asked to find a new client. If you can, they will talk soon.

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Vasco and Fernando are sailing. The engineer hopes he can help Rosa and tells his grandson that he has already spoken to a friend who is a wine producer in Tuscany, Italy, which will be a big change for the winemaker. Vasco says it sounds like a good plan.

Vittoria continues watching the video in shock. Realizing that Leonor is a murderer, Eduardo’s wife shuts down the computer and takes the flash drive with her.

Vittoria leaves the office and comes face to face with Luis María, who asks her where Eduardo is. She is rude and says she doesn’t know. His brother-in-law tries to play the victim and says he’s been having a hard time since he was kicked off the farm. However, Vittoria says she doesn’t want to know anything about him, Maddalena, or Eduardo.

Katarina works and tells Elisa that she returned all the money to Mariana in coins. The chief says she did a good job when Tozet came in and asked if her sister had talked to her mother. The young woman says no and her brother tells her that Eduardo went to talk to her because the case of Margarida’s death has been reopened.

Mimi complains to Filipa about the fact that Sebastião and Luisa spent a night together and says that she feels it is time to move on. Abel comes to them and tells Gabriel’s sister that he has already done what she asked of him and he has done it with all love and affection. Elsa’s daughter is rude to him and her friend tells her, when the boy leaves, that she can be more sensitive and even hang out with Abel.

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Vasco shows David and Tozi his ideas for the dive center, saying he wants to do more activities. Katarina’s brother is excited, but David doesn’t think so, fearing that too many offers will distort the position. Fernando’s grandson listens carefully to his friend’s opinion and tells him that he made good ideas and can focus on them, while he and Tozi focus on others.

Sebastião works in the booth and is approached by Vittoria, who comes looking for Leonor. The boy finds it strange, because they are not exactly friends, and the aunt even gets angry with his conversation. Ricardo’s brother realizes she is not feeling well and gives her a glass of water and a minute so she can think.

Eduardo tells Vasco that he will start working with Cayetana soon and feels things are moving forward. The son thinks that his grandfather will not be happy, but he understands that his father must do something. At that moment, Leonor calls Eduardo, but he does not answer and turns the conversation to his son’s projects for the center.

Teodoro tries to resume his relationship with Lara, offering her a box of pies and trying to explain to her that he wants to be a good worker and colleague. She tells him that she won’t accept the cake because it’s a bribe and it’s very convenient for him to give it to her now when he knows she’s going to make cuts to her employees. Mimi’s father is in shock.

Vittoria shows up at the Valente family home and asks to speak to Leonor. The cook asks her what she wants and her rival tells her that she already knows what happened in the basement. Catarina’s mother doesn’t know what she’s talking about and Eduardo’s wife tells her that she has a video of her killing Margarida. Leonor is in shock.

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